I think you’d be hard pressed to find voters in the UK who disagree that political reform is needed. Finding voters who had clear ideas and workable suggestions on how to do it would be harder, but that’s where sites such as 38 Degrees come in – or at least it used to.
Campaigning for political change is a delicate tightrope as a very high degree of impartiality is needed for it to be effective. I was initially impressed by the way that the 38 Degrees team had handled it, but their recent posts and offerings have led me to have doubts.
We all know the media reporting is biased, but launching a campaign targetting only one political leaning isn’t impartial, especially given the stated reason is that “over 90% of us want to stop the scaremongering about a hung parliament“. All the papers I’ve seen have carried such stories, so singling out one subset fails the impartiality test at the first hurdle.
It may have been a “knee jerk reaction” to events, but it’s one that should have been stopped by those running the site.