On sunday I went down to Dhaka, Bangladesh for the first time. It was interesting to make your way down across areas that I’ve not seen before, but two sights really stood out for me on the journey there.

The first was crossing the border between Pakistan and India. We crossed it when it was still dark. The skies clear so making out the cities, roads and teh usual signs of human existance was easy. As we got closer to the border there was no mistaking it though – a line of regularly spaced lights from as far as you could see on the left to as far as you could see on the right. The line snaked it’s way along the border with the regular lights marking it’s way. In almost 10 years I don’t think I’ve seen another man made sight that came close.

The second was the sunrise and the Himalayas. We weren’t that close to them, but their shapes were easily visible on the horizon as the colors slowly changed rfom black to the light blue of daytime through the reds and ornages of the dawn. I tried taking some pictures but they totally failed to capture the moment, as pictures so often do.

Coming back this morning they Himalayas were once more incredible and the mountains around Afghanistan were also incredible to see. Sadly the clouds rolled in after that and the ground disappeared from view.

The pictures from the trip are available here.