The 4th series of 24 started tonight on Sky 1. It looks like being as good as the previous ones on the basis of the 2 episodes shown tonight.

This series has seen more advertising nonsense that the others. Why do Vodafone feel that people would want to see a specially crafted set of video clips that “are inspired by 24”? Do they really think people will buy a phone on the basis of this extra service? Here’s a thought, why don’t they take the money they waste on such things and reduce my bill?

In the same vein Toyota are following a similar thread with their “sponsor” clips before and after every ad break. I’ve said it before, but these types of sponsored breaks are annoying in the extreme. I reliase that series like 24 are expensive to make, but surely there must be a better way to make money than “sponsors”?

Maybe I’m getting old but I still remember a time when companies weren’t permitted to use “negative” advertising in this country. The removal of that restriction has seen a rapid decline in advertising with more and more ads that now don’t try to sell you a product, but rather stop you buying their competitors. If there isn’t anything positive to say about a product why would I want to buy it and why would anyone want to advertise it? Answers on postcards please.