Decision Makers

The following is a list of the members of the Perth & Kinross Development Management Committee which will decide on the application for a monitoring mast on Wednesday this week.

  • Tom Gray (SNP)
  • Bob Band (SNP)
  • Henry Anderson (SNP)
  • Michael Barnacle (IND)
  • Ian Campbell (CON)
  • Ann Gaunt (LIB)
  • Joe Giacopazzi (SNP)
  • Callum Gillies (LAB)
  • Alan Jack (IND)
  • John Kellas (SNP)
  • Alan Livingstone (CON)
  • Murray Lyle (CON)
  • Gordon Walker (SNP)


For some reason the application has been withdrawn from the meeting tomorrow so will probably not be debated now until the new year. What this means is unclear at present. Time will tell.