The weekend passed in a blur of cleaning and emptying as my house in England got ready for it’s new life as a rental property, but along the way we managed to take time out to go and see the latest Bond film, Quantum of Solace. It’s been hyped to death and so I wasn’t expecting too much (it’s been my experience that the more hype a film receives prior to it’s launch the worse it is). Sadly my expectations proved to be true.

It may just be that I’m getting too old, but the action sequences in the movie are ridiculous. I don’t mean the actual sequences, but the way they were filmed. Apart from the occasional odd shot that lingered on a subject long enough to let you clearly identify it, the rest of the time it was a sequence of odd images and flashes that stopped you from being able to follow what was going on. The number of injuries that took place on the set shows how much effort they put into these set pieces – something that doesn’t really translate into the finished product 🙁

There wasn’t really a plot in evidence and the amount of advertising that was evident meant I walked away feeling that I’d seen an overly long advert rather than a movie. If this is the future of the bond franchise then they should stop now.